Frontier: Elite II Cheats For Amiga PC

Frontier: Elite II Cheats For Amiga PC

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A ludicrous Amiga 500 setup

Just because the parts were on my desk. An Amiga 500 with:

* A RAMesses II 2MB RAM upgrade
* A ROMulus flash ROM board
* An Amiga 600 to Amiga 500 converter
* An A630 accelerator
* A Gotek drive

Amiga A1200 Blizzard 68030 / 50 64mb Frontier Elite II Test

Unaccelerated Vs. Accelerated Test

Frontier Elite II intro: comparison of Amiga 500, Amiga 1200 and Vampire 600

The classic intro sequence for Frontier Elite II, showing the differences between an Amiga 500, Amiga 1200 and an Amiga 600 with the Vampire 600 V2 (equivalent to an 100MHZ 68060). Discover the classic: Starflight Sega Genesis edition.

The footage was captured from the Amigas’ RGB output via an XRGB Mini and a XCAPTURE1.

The Vampire 600 can be ordered from http://www.apollo-accelerators.com.