Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time News

Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time News

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Как я попал в игру Растения против Зомби2| plants vs zombies 2| моя анимированная история 1

Plants vs. Zombies 2 it’s about time: Team Plants vs Newspaper Zombie Part 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2 it’s about time: Dave Team Plants vs Newspaper Zombie. First edition of the new video series Plants vs Zombies 2 Gameplay.
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In this video i do competition between three plants and newspaper zombie.
Plants vs Zombies 2: Newspaper Zombie
Newspaper Zombie is a zombie and the sixth zombie encountered in Adventure Mode. It reads a newspaper that he holds upside-down and the said newspaper acts as a shield for this zombie. When it loses its newspaper, it gets angry and moves faster. It appears to be an elderly person with glasses and heart-patterned boxers. When the player’s plants destroy the newspaper, it pauses, a question mark appears above his head, and then it will make an angry sound and then it quickly charges forward at the player’s plants in a rage. Melon-pults, Winter Melons, Fume-shrooms, Gloom-shrooms, and flaming peas damage both the zombie and the newspaper at the same time.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Watch out for this zombie since he is a much bigger threat. Do not destroy his newspaper unless you think you have a good strategy to deal with him while enraged. Also forget the use of lobbed-shot plants and area of effect plants, as the newspaper and the zombie is one object altogether so they will still destroy the newspaper first. Effective plants are Shadow-shroom and Chili Bean, as they can kill him ignoring the newspaper. On large groups explosive plants are a must. Up to three attacks from Magnifying Grass can also kill one of them without him being enraged.

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More info about the game:
Plants vs Zombies 2
Platforms: IOS, Android
Publisher: EA – Electronic Arts
Developer: PopCap Games

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Возможно ли пройти “Plants VS Zombies 2: It’s about time”, без подсолнухов?

Вы когда-нибудь задумывались вопросом, возможно ли пройти “Plants VS Zombies: It’s about time”, без подсолнухов? В этом видео я дам ответ на этот вопрос, конечно же с юмором и интересными фактами!
Агро-школьник (How, what and why) – https://www.youtube.com/c/HowWhatandWhy
Вступление – (Big Chungus – CG5)
Пролог – (Superstars – Cathy Heller)
Древний Египет – (YOU’RE DISGUSTING!, FURRY! (Metal Version), PLAY! (Metal Version) – Endigo, Cerebrawl Demo – ForceBore)
Пиратские Моря – (Рандомная пиратская музыка, ЯЗЬ!!! Hard Dubstep – Лёша Лиам)
Дикий Запад – (Wild West OST – PvZ 2)
Замороженные Пещеры – (Frostbite Caves OST – PvZ 2, Просто Золото [Ремикс] – ForceBore)
Затерянный Город – (Lost City OST – PvZ 2, Subway Surfers OST – Subway Surfers, Последняя битва [Ремикс] – ForceBore)
Далёкое Будущее – (Far Future OST – PvZ 2, Tonight We Strike [Remix] – Sayonara Maxwell)
Тёмные Века – (Dark Ages OST – PvZ 2, Zombies On Your Lawn [Remix] – ForceBore)
Неоновый Микс-Тейп Тур – (Fazer Blast Jam – FNaF: Security Breach, Neon Mix-Tape Tour OST – PvZ 2, Grasswalk [Remix] – ForceBore)
Юрское Болото – (Jurassic Marsh OST – PvZ 2, Spoiler (Original Mix) – Hyper, wide CG5 walking (wide putin remix) – CG5)
Большая Пляжная Волна – (Big Wave Beach OST – PvZ 2, Loonboon [Remix] – ForceBore, Brainiac Maniac [Ремикс] – ForceBore)
Современный день – (Modern Day OST – PvZ 2, AMOGUS [Metal Remix] – ForceBore)
0:00 – Вступление
0:42 – Пролог
1:37 – Древний Египет
6:34 – Пиратские Моря
12:54 – Дикий Запад
17:53 – Замороженные Пещеры
23:27 – Затерянный Город
30:12 – Далёкое Будущее
35:16 – Тёмные Века
40:29 – Неоновый Микс-Тейп Тур
46:49 – Юрское Болото
52:48 – Большая Пляжная Волна
58:58 – Современный День
1:04:00 – Итоги
1:04:15 – Анонс нового видео
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